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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Required Document Checklist ✔

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Required Document Checklist ✔ The average Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is around 50 pages in length, so that means a lot of information is required on your side to complete the forms. Here is a checklist of essential documents usually required in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. While Filing:

  1. Last 2 years of tax returns
  2. 6 months of paycheck stubs
  3. 6 months of bank statements
  4. Up to date credit report
  5. Driver’s license and Social Security Card
  6. Current investment and retirement statements
  7. Current mortgage and car loan statements
  8. Any valid proof of home and car valuations
  9. Property list with values (this includes personal items)
  10. Valid repair estimates for damaged property
  11. Credit card, collection, and other billing statements
  12. A credit counseling completion certificate


  1. The count may also require the following documents for verification of information provided in your petition:
  2. 60 days of paycheck stubs or any other proof of income
  3. 60 days of bank statements
  4. Your most recently filed tax return (alternatively, a tax transcript)
  5. A debtor’s education course completion certificate

Additional documents: In addition to the above, you might also be requested to provide further documents by the court trustee as part of their investigation of your filing. Among the most common items include:

  1. Additional paycheck stubs and other financial statements
  2. Profit and loss statements and proof of liability insurance (if you own a business)
  3. Photographs and valuations of rare, antique, or collectible items
  4. Marital settlement agreement or divorce order (if applicable)

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